Get the Most Out of Game of Thrones Season 5

HBO Original Golden Globe and Emmy winner show, Game of Thrones, has released the fourth season on April, 13, 2014. This show is regularly viewed on every Sunday, at 09.00 pm. It consists of 10 episodes. Now, the fourth season has ended, and the fifth season will be coming soon.

Get the Most Out of Game of Thrones Season 5

According to the President Program of HBO, Michael Lombrado, HBO will continue the show until two seasons later. The reason of HBO in continuing this series is because this show has become a phenomenon of its own in the history of television world. Besides that, Michael promises that he and the showrunners of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and DB Weiss will always exceed the target or challenge themselves further in order to satisfy his fans. However, the creator of Game of Thrones, George RR Martin, cannot decide the time for launching the Game of Thrones Season 5. He assures that the fifth one will also become the phenomenon which can satisfy the viewers.

These are some reviews about Game of Thrones. The Prince of Dorne graced the halls of King’s Landing in Season 4 when he left his homeland to settle a debt with the Lannisters. Although he was on the HBO series for less than a full season, fans quickly fell in love with Oberyn for his unusually open-minded mentality and adventurous taste. Dorne, one of the nine regions of the Seven Kingdoms, has been described as a place where bastards aren’t as disgraced, women can receive inheritance (as opposed to other regions), and where wine and women are plentiful.

The showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff told Entertainment Weekly that there are drafts of every episode of Game of Thrones Season 5 and there will be some time in Dorne. “There will be Dorne, and we’re excited about it”, the writers said via email. “Who wouldn’t want to hang out in Dorne? They have admirable values and priorities. And have you seen Oberyn’s coat?“. With its fluid sexuality, elegant fashion and sun, Dorne sounds like a pretty awesome place.

After following all the series in Game of Thrones, we can’t wait to watch what will happen in the next season. The enthusiasm which is felt by the fans becomes the successful points for the show’s creator. This feeling will always rise when the movie is created with full effort and struggle.

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George RR Martin: No One is Safe in Game of Thrones

All Men Must Die”. That’s the famous and tense sentences from Game of Thrones. It actually can describe what George RR Martin sees on the series.

This week’s spotlight is on Tyrion Lannister’s life. It’s time for him to think about his fate. Episode 6 of Game of Thrones Season 4 still leaves fans questions about Tyrion’s fate. It’s dramatic. Tyrion’s speech creates particular emotion for the fans.

Mockingbird, as the Episode 7 of Game of Thrones Season 4 says to be the continuation of Sansa’s life and also Tyrion’s trial. The actor for Tyrion Lannister, Peter Dinklage, has his own reason for Tyrion to stay alive. Peter realizes that his sister, Cersei (Lena Headey), and his father, Tywin (Charles Dance), want him dead. However, he thinks Tyrion still has a chance to live because he’s a survivor. Don’t you think it’s a hint from Peter? Wait until you hear the writer’s statement.

On the same episode, fans also can see the beautiful appearance of Daenerys Targaryen who’s having a conversation with Daario Naharis.

On The Mountain and the Viper, there will be surprise for fans. The visitors will arrive in Mole’s Town. It’s also the time for Ramsay to prove himself to his father.

The Watchers on the Wall describes other characters’ activities. Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch will meet a big challenge. On episode 10, The Children, there were some changes. Some of the characters also find difficulties. For Tyrion, he finally found the truth about his condition.

Besides all those hopes for big characters, George RR Martin states something surprising.

On talk show Conan, Martin explains that David Benioff and Dan Weiss, the show runners, know how to keep the fans’ attention. They kill characters that are still alive in the books. The same thing happens to Martin. He adds that no-one is safe in Game of Thrones. It still occurs even though the characters are still alive in the books.

Martin adds the readers have positive assumption regarding the characters. They think because their favorite character is still alive in the book five, it means that character are also alive in the series. However, they probably face the unpleasant shock in the end.

George RR Martin- No One is Safe in Game of Thrones

In addition, on the same talk show, Martin also reveals his habit when he’s writing the book. He still uses DOS-based PC running Wordstar 4.0. He first used that when he started writing this series on 1991. And he keeps using it until now.

He uses that technology because there’s no automatic spelling check. And that ancient technology already fulfils his need as a writer. Automatic spelling check sometimes can make him frustrated and confused. When using the ancient technology, he doesn’t need to watch out every time you write “Winterfell” or “Daenerys Targaryen”.

Moreover, Martin actually has another PC. And that’s a modern PC. He uses that when he wants to browse internet and other activities. Besides all the unique behaviour of George RR Martin, fans still need to see their favorite series on HBO every Sunday.

Game of Thrones’ climaxes is surely spread in every episode. So make sure that you watch the entire episode of Game of Thrones Season 4.

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Get Ready for The Walking Dead Season 5

The Walking Dead fans surely could not wait for the next release of this popular series. And you do not need to wait for too long since The Walking Dead Season 5 is coming on your way. This new thriller series is still worked by Frank Darabont in continuing on the previous 4 series in which American Movie Classics confirm in 29 October 2013.

The show would be produce by David Alpert, Gale Anne Hurd, Kirkman, Scott M. Gimple, Tom Luse, and Greg Nicotero. The show is still managed by Scott M. Gimple that works as both showrunner and author at the same time. Judging from this decision, it seems like Scott did a great job in the same position last season. So we could wait other awesome work that he done for the new season.

The Confirm Date of the Walking Dead Season 5

This new season is confirmed to be start in October 12, 2014 and will run for approximately 16 episodes. Seeing for the first run it seems that we will get the first half season on fall this year while the rest would be completed next year.

What We Could See on Season 5: Teaser Videos

At the end of the last season we see that Rick and his crew are separated when taking on the prisoner exodus in their own routes to go to Terminus. There is a teaser in the end that saying “Those who arrive, survive.” From this teaser, the fans speculating that Terminus is actually the city of cannibals that we see in the comics. But we could not proof it just yet since the last season end without real mark. Then again the teaser also show that there are a pile of human bones scattered, while Rick and some crew member that survive are captured and prison on the railroad train car by the gun bearing Terminus survivors.

A few teasers have been release so we could know what we should expect for season 5. The First one is about Judith, Tyreese along with Carol who surrounded by a lot of zombies.

Next, is a photo where Rick seems to be watching out for something. Are you curious? So are we!

Next, is a photo where Rick seems to be watching out for something.

Characters Last Journey towards Season 5

During the last season we already see that the prison is ruined by Governor. That is why Rick and his crew are fleeing from all the destruction. Sadly, there are some who separated from the group. However, we could also see that Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn, Sasha, Tara, Bob, Eugene, Rosita, and Abraham are survived, but captured in Terminus and forced to enter railroad train car. So, what about the other characters?

For Tyreese and Carol surely on their way towards Terminus, but not in a good condition since Carol have to kill Lizzie that kill Carol’s younger sister. Tyreese also know that Carol also the one that kill Karen, this may heat up their relationship so we will see who will make it to Terminus.

Other wicked character is Joe and his merry man who accepted Daryl into their group. But they made a huge mistake by crossing rick and his crew by treating Carl. That is why Rick has to protect him and Michonne by cutting Joe’s throat. Then, together they eliminate the rest of Joe’s men. We could see how brutal the things that they need to do in order to survive, but then it proofs Rick ability as a leader who will do anything to protect his crew especially when they have to face more threat in Terminus.

As for Beth, we could see that she run out from the house where she stays inside with Daryl. We have a little suspicion that she might be kidnapped.

New Cast of The Walking Dead Season 5

Surely we will expect to have new character and also the elimination of old character. On the last season Hershel and The Governor who played by Scott Wilson and David Morrissey have been eliminated, while the other characters Rick Grimes, Tyreese, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn, Sasha, Tara, Bob, Eugene, Rosita, Carol, Beth and Abraham survived.

That is why we could expect to see Chandler Riggs, Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride, Norman Reedus, Emily Kinney, Chad Coleman, Lauren Cohan, Steven Yeun, Sonequa Martin Green, and Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. on the new season. Especially because Tara, Rosita, Gareth, Eugene and Abraham are all promoted to be one of the regular characters. Gareth is the new character that leads the people of Terminus that said to have a very important role on season 5. We will also get new character for new cast Seth Gilliam from The Wire, although there is no leak about who the character could be.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Speculation

Some of you might catch up the news when Scott M. Gimple is being interviewed by Larry King in his show. He carefully opens about the start of the new season without really revealed all of the detail. By selecting his words Scott revealed that The Walking Dead Season 5 will continue what was going on the last season, but we do not want to give too much speculation about it. Here are some clues that Scott also give to the fans:

1. We will know what is going on with Beth after she leaves her house.

2. Aside from Glenn and Maggie romance story, we will be given a new romance story to fulfill our desire for more romantic side.

3. Morgan will come out again even if Scott have not revealed the exact time of when he will come out, but he did indicate that Morgan will return to greet us again. For you who do not remember this character, Morgan Jones is actually a character that Rick once meets in the pilot episode of the Walking Dead. His second appearance is in Season 3 with Carl.

4. There is no power fight to change the leader inside the box car even if there are so many Alpha males involved. Scott does not say whether Rick would be the leader or not, but since he said that there would be no change in leadership inside the box car, then Rick would be the one that lead them in the car, but he might not be the leader in later stage.

On the last spoiler, the cast and the authors describe the story to be full of brutality, explosive, thrilling, and messy. While one of the producers – Robert Kirkman – also revealed that the story of current season would not only discuss what happened on the car, although to be able to get out from there, they would need to be creative and cunning while not afraid to be a little bit savage.

Who Will Survive and Who Will Die?

As for the one who will die, we could not say for sure, but we could try to see it from the comic where this series come up. However, the author of this popular series have also try to keep the storyline separated although not entirely. Therefore, we could not really sure about Norman Reedus’s character, Daryl,  who only appear on the series but not on the comic. This character is very famous and might be the most famous character on the show, so we should expect him to be spared from the dead. But if he did not survive, let us hope it is a glorious death by taking a lot of walkers and villains.

On the other hand, we may suspect that Carol would be on higher change to be eliminated since she has to kill a child, so there might be something that backfires to her afterwards. Then we could see the romantic couple Glenn and Maggie who gives us hope for more heartwarming story. But could we really see the continuation of this story or we will be left heartbroken when they are separated because one of them is died.

No matter how The Walking Dead season 5 will be going we could surely expect to get a great story from this season. More thrilling adventure and excruciating event might fill the whole adventure. We also could expect to get new character to keep the story from going on since there is no way a new story could be developed without new character. That character could also be a villain but might also be on a good side.

On the bright side, as Scott had said earlier we could expect to get a new romance on the line. But we could not be sure who the new couple would be. There might be new character that attracts old character to a love story or there would be a new feeling on the current character. So many things could happen and we would expect for more.

Get ready for the The Walking Dead Season 5 returning this October 12, 2014. Only on AMC.

wacth the walking dead season 5

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Game of Thrones Season 5: New Casting Reveals Some Interesting Characters

The fans are very curious to hear about what’s the next season will present. Some rumors going around tell that the Game of Thrones Season 5 will call some interesting characters back to the show.

A trustworthy source, Winter Is Coming, reported that there would be three interesting characters which will appear in Game of Thrones Season 5. One of them is Varamyr Sixskins. It has been such a long time that Varamyr is rumored to appear in the next season of Game of Thrones. As we know, Varamyr Sixskins had appeared previously in the season entitled “A Storm of Swords.” The news that he will come back to the show in Season 5 is very surprising. It is because there is no scene in the novel that mentions him to appear again in the storyline. However, his appearance in Season 5 shows that the show-makers really concern about how to make a high quality show with a lot of interesting twists. It also shows that the movie does not merely adapt the whole scenes mentioned in the books written by George R.R. Martin.

Despite the fact that the appearance of Varamyr for the second time in the show is quite surprising, there is a big expectation from the audience that Varamyr will do something much more impressive than his previous appearance. We know that Varamyr is known as a cool character for he serves no purpose in the previous storyline. We expect that the show-makers recall him in purpose. Aside from the second appearance of Varamyr Sixskins, Winter Is Coming also revealed that the new season of Game of Thrones is looking for two girls to play in Maggy the Frog storyline, Until today, it is still difficult to reveal who they are. For your information, Maggy the Frog is a fortune teller who will appear since Season 5. She is able to predict the new queen who will take the throne.

Game of Thrones Season 5 castBased on Winter Is Coming, recently there is a casting call for several characters to appear and re-appear in the show. Some of the characters which will be involved in the recent filming for Game of Thrones Season 5, which will be taken in Spain, are Martells and Dorne. The Martells which will appear are Arianne Martell, Doran Martell, Trystan Martell, and Oberyn Martell’s bastard daughters which are known as The Sand Snakes. Despite them, there is also Aero Hotah and Geyjoys including Theon’s brothers who are rumored to appear in Season 5 referring to “A Feast of Crows”.

We will know more about the characters which will appear in Season 5 of Game of Thrones after it begins filming. There are some weeks to go before the whole cast is revealed officially. However, it is not that harmful to know a little bit about some characters, whether they are new or not, which will be involved in the next shot. Moreover, we know that sometimes the show-makers try to make the show different from the novels they adapt. So, some hints will never ruin the show, right?

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Review: Lucy (2014) Luc Besson’s Latest Film

Lucy (Scarlett Johansson), a USA college student in Taiwan realizes herself drawn into a drug deal business by Richard (Pilou Asbaek), which she has lately met. However, it’s not simply a common drug deal. The drugs involved are the latest type which can increase the functionality of the human brain. The guy who operating the drug dealing business is a Taiwanese gangster known as Mr. Chang (Choi Min-sik), whose soldiers force Lucy and also a few more victims to bring the drugs into European countries in tiny plastic handbags which are placed into their tummies.

However, vast amounts of the drug slip into Lucy’s body system; her brain grows as well as improves, Besson demonstrates us the proportion growing, and then she is changed into a superwoman, who soon after chooses she does not need to distribute meekly to her destiny. Her memories and even senses improve making sure that she will be able to memorize the flavor of her mother’s milk; she additionally builds a variety of remarkable physical skills that enable her to move forward through time and also space, incapacitate any kind of enemy she encounters, and then seize down her opponents with hard precision (she can also drive, while she never learned, letting the film to incorporate a vehicle pursue with an incredible amount of casualties).


With her stiletto high-heels, tight darker suit and rifle, Besson’s Lucy absolutely does not wander in the sky with real diamonds, instead she goes from Taiwan to Paris, in which she meets Prof. Norman, that is obviously captivated by her development. She also reaches a cop inspector who tracks the achievements she works in amazement, and then shoots her way by the total 100% of human being physical capability. “Lucy” is an extremely ruthless film with an incredibly great body count. Besson, on the other hand, is not going to record this massacre in the same manner a Modern western does; he practically never savors the bloodstream and also gore. In the end, “Lucy” is not going to seize on its own seriously, and even for many people to take it seriously could be the most awful potential error.

Obviously the storyline is totally unbelievable, yet that is piece of the entertaining available at this entirely modest picture. Besson recognizes that his motion picture is implausible, and he loves that, as do the actors. Scarlett Johansson is superb in the lead; her major portrayal of Lucy appears in some way to involve a sly wink at the viewers, by having her face, that is emotional even if put into a long term scowl of treat. To summarize, “Lucy” is not going to offer an exceptionally worthy view of the male gender. Even though the men in the film are good characters, they happen to be presented as powerless weaklings in the midst of the heroine’s metamorphosis. They dedicate a lot of their precious time gaping at her lucrative body, whose rising skills merely stun them even more.

Review- Lucy (2014) Luc Besson's Latest Film

A different virtue of “Lucy” is the fact that Besson seems to lead capture its own plot into 89 mins only, creating for a fast moving, centered outcome. This is not the type of movie in which you complete time with more and more versions on the similar stunt, along with the effect is delightful. To be an author and also movie director, Besson seemingly understood that a lecture must not go over its own allocated time, if a joke flows much longer, it stops becoming witty.

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Game of Thrones: Do You Miss Lady Stoneheart?

Game of Thrones Season 4 finale is one of the best episode so far. But, despite of all excitement, many fans are still not satisfied with it. They’re looking for Lady Stoneheart’s appearance.

Lady Stonehard is reanimated corpse of Lady Catelyn Stark. Catelyn had her throat slit at the Red Wedding. After that, her body was thrown into a river. Three days later, Lord Beric Dondarrion resurrected her body. And our Lady Catelyn Stark turned into a vengeful zombie like this one…

Lady Stoneheart zombie

Fans saw Lord Beric Dondarrion in Season 3. He was involved in a trial by combat with Sandor Clegane. Sandor already gave Beric deadly blow, but eventually he was resurrected by Thoros using the Lord of Light’s power.

Catelyn’s body is described as owning flesh like curdled milk. It’s because she has been marinated in a river for three days before her resurrection. Unfortunately, she will only speak if she holds her hand to her throat. She covers the wound that’s still remained there. After that, she uses Lady Stoneheart name.

Before “The Children” aired, fans were sure that Lady Stoneheart would appear on that episode. It’s because, in the books, she first appears in the epilogue of A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin. And Game of Thrones Season four followed the latter half of A Storm of Swords. Not only that, Lena Headey’s image on her Instagram also indicated Lady Stoneheart appearance. She posted a heart made of stones with the caption, “My stone heart.” Moreover, SFX magazine’s special fantasy issue also gave indication that Lady Stoneheart may appear.

It cannot be resisted that the appearance of Lady Stoneheart seems to add another atmosphere to the medieval side of the Westeros-set story. But some fans were disappointed after “The Children” aired. It’s because she didn’t show up. Even if Lady Stoneheart will appear in season five of Game of Thrones, but the result will not be the same if she appeared on season four. MAnd “The Children” could be better if Lady Stoneheart appeared on that episode. Many disappointments were posted by fans on the internet.

Despite of all disappointments, there are fans who think that it’s fine to not returning Catelyn Stark’s Lady Stoneheart into the screen. They want other fans to remember Catelyn Stark figure as who she is. It’s not about her Lady Stoneheart whom has ability to kill people. And it’s also not about Catelyn’s Lady Stonehart whom is dangerous. Moreover, there are fans who think that her resurrection will ruin the effect of one of George R. R. Martin’s most powerful moment, Red Wedding. Instead of focusing on Lady Stoneheart figure, fans can see the increasing story of Brienne. And Gwendoline Christie has portrayed the figure of Brienne well. That’s why Brienne also deserves a more satisfying fate.

Regarding Lady Stoneheart’s appearance, the director of episode finale, Alex Graves, has his own answer.

According to Graves, David Benioff and Dan Weiss meet challenge when it comes to adapt the books into a really focused television experience. He also admits that it’s very complicated and hard, and both David Benioff and Dan Weiss already do a brilliant job.

However, Alex Graves continues, bringing back Michelle Fairley is different story. If she becomes a zombie for a little while and just killing people; Graves questions about how it plays into the whole story that they (the showrunners) are really going to like. It will not eventually end up as a part of what was going to happen in season four. And there are many things happen in season four.

Alex Graves still doesn’t have any idea whether Lady Stoneheart may appear in next season or not. The showrunners will not tell him and they’re good at being secretive.

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Recap of Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 10

The finale of Game of Thrones season 4 has already been aired some time ago, which is no other else but episode 10 entitled The Children. From this finale, there are quite a lot of things can be recapped. Of course, all of these can also be considered to be the premature clues for all of us to guess about what will happen in the next season, Game of Thrones Season 5. The finale is quite brutal but it is also well-paced at the same time. Besides the main characters shown in this episode, there are some other main focuses can be found in it too, such as the appearance of ice zombies, crossbows, and also dragons. If you already watched this episode, you should have known about how all of those main focuses make the finale to be a quite great one. But, if you haven’t, you can watch it here.

Now, let’s talk about the episode recap based on some quotations from Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 10: The Children.

watch Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 10

Of all the ways I’d kill you, poison would be the last.Jon Snow

This is the quotation taken from the scene when Jon is about to perform his action to kill Mance, but this attempt is failed because suddenly while Jon and Mance have some drinks to mourn the dead of their comrades, the camp is suddenly attacked by an army of footmen and knight which is led by Stannis Baratheon. In the end, Mance is taken as a captive.


Killed by a woman. I bet you like that.

Other interesting scene we all can see in this episode is when Podrick and Brienne finally meet Arya and the Hound. Even now they are all together, there is something you have to know deep inside their minds which cannot really trust on each other. This is something that will make them fight in the end. The truth is they do fight later. As the ultimately fearsome warriors in the Game of Thrones series, their fight is definitely becomes a kind of highlight in this episode. It is especially because both are obviously the strongest warriors. The result of this fight is the leaving of Sandor who finally thinks it is better for Arya to be looked for by Podrick and Brienne instead.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 10

I am your son. I have always been your son.Tyrion

This is in fact a quotation taken from a very sad scene in the episode in which Tyrion finally decides to leave. He makes a very sad goodbye to his brother and father. When he is about to meet his father, which seems to be for the very last time, he has a fight with Shae who is at that time in the same room with his father. The situation gets a bit tense when some words are shared between him and also Tywrin while he wields a crossbow. This scene can actually be the last clue to guess the next season of the TV series in which Tyrion might not meet his brother or even father ever again.


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