Top 10 Comedy Movies to Expect in 2015

Let’s face it; comedy is a part of our lives today. When you have a tough and rough day, you want to go home, open a can of cold beer, and simply watch the silly and goofy funny flicks. Entertaining comedy movies don’t always have to be super good, logical, or meaningful. If a movie is able to make you have fun, smile, and forget all the hardship you just experienced for the whole day, then it is a good and entertaining one.

Naturally, comedy flicks are also available for the 2015. Everyone needs a good laugh, and all years have their own ups and downs. So pamper yourself with good comedies that will make you laugh your heart out. Here are some of the candidates for the 2015.

The Wedding Ringer

Have you ever wondered whether there is such service for those with social challenged skill? Well, apparently there is – at least in this movie. Jimmy sets up a unique business, which is best man service. Guys with socially challenged skills can consider this service if they don’t have anyone close to accompany them on one of their most special days. Problems arise when Doug, a clientele, fabricates and lies about both the best man as well as other nine groomsmen. Doug turns to Jimmy for help, setting up a plan. What should happen next? Well, if the plan works, Doug will look perfect and at his best, but if it fails, it will definitely destroy everything. 


If you look at Paddington with its unique bear characteristics, you probably think that it is the same as Ted. Well, not that close. You see, the story is about a young bear from Peru who is into everything English. He decides that he wants to travel to England. It turns out that the travel isn’t as exciting as he hopes as he is lost and left alone, being stranded at Paddington Station. It is a good thing that he meets Brown family who is warm and kind. The family takes Paddington into their wings and just as Paddington thinks that the world is a safe and warm place to life, a museum taxidermist is taken a deep interest on him. 


The combined stars in this movie is quite interesting and unique, with Melissa McCarthy (the specialist in comedy) meets up with sexy Jude Law and tough guy Jason Statham. McCarthy plays as Susan Cooper, a CIA analyst who is the actual hero in every dangerous mission, although none of them ever realize it. However, things are about to change when their top agent (Statham) is being compromised and Cooper’s partner (Law) is nowhere to be seen. Cooper then volunteers to go though her dangerous undercover mission, finally has a real face to face with arms dealers to prevent global chaos and world disaster.

Get Hard

With Will Ferrell included in this movie, it is guaranteed that it will be unusual comedy – as well as being hilarious too. Ferrell plays James, a millionaire who works as a hedge fund manager. When he is accused of fraud and threatened to spend his days in San Quentin jail, he is given 30 days for get prepared. He then asks for help from Darnell, thinking that the man has spent times in jail so James knows how life is behind the bars. However, James doesn’t know that Darnell is a true worker with very clean criminal records. In fact, he has never got a parking ticket! They finally work together to make James get hard. In the process, they learn that they have been wrong about many things, and also about each other.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2

If you have watched the first series of Hot Tub Time Machine, you know that the comedy is mostly about sarcastic one – aside being mixed with a sci-fi factor of having a time machine in a form of a bath tub. Well, the stories of the characters – which are all buddies – go on and you get to see their silly adventure in this second sequel.


How if the earth is involved withintergalactic war with aliens, just because of a silly misunderstanding? And then the only way to win the war is to win the arcade games? With Adam Sandler as the main character, the story is about aliens thinking that the earth is declaring war because they receive classic arcade games, so they attack the earth by using the games model for their assaults. The President is asking a help from his childhood friend, Sam Brenner (played by Adam Sandler) who was a game champion. Brenner then forms a team consisting of old school gamers to save the planet and kick the aliens in the butt.

Love, Rosie

This is a combination romance and comedy flick with Rosie as the main character is being at the crossroad that changes her life course. Rosie and Alex, her best friend, decide to enroll in university in America. However, after one night with the popular guy at school, Rosie finds herself pregnant, and then ditches her plan to follow Alex to America. Twelve years pass, and they remain connected although their lives have never been the same anymore. If Rosie is given the opportunity to change her destiny and follow the original path of life, will life be better? Will Alex and her be something more than just friends? 

The Peanuts Movie

If you like Snoopy, then this CGRI animation will quench your thirst. Snoopy and Charlie Brown have separated ways, but will they find their true purposes without each other?

Unfinished Business

A regular business trip turns out to be way out of proportion when a business owner and two associates travel to Europe. Aside from the facts that they need to close a deal, which is the most important matter in life, they find themselves trapped in weird circumstances and events. 

Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife

It is about a black comedy where everyone really hates the guts of Ward’s wife. Naturally, they want her dead. However, when their dream comes true in accidental death, they are facing series of problems – and definitely not the easy ones.

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