10 Horror Movies to Watch in 2015

Not many people are interested with the idea of watching horror movies, and yet our curious side steers our path to the nearest movie theater… Just to quench our curiosity of how the upcoming horror movies turn out to be. Well, whether you like horror movies or not, there are a list of movies released in 2015. If you want to celebrate this year being horrified and terrorized – I don’t know whether you are into such kind of thing – then be my guest!

It Follows

If you have watched “Cabin in the Woods”, it is basically almost the same thing. Almost, because the story isn’t the same – but the concept of being unrealistic or vague is still there. It Follows is claimed to be a horror flicks good for a sleepover, potent enough to make everyone stays up in terror. It has this concept of a shifter – though not going with that name in the movie – that is targeting the main character. It can change into whoever you are familiar with to total strangers you have never met before. It creates this paranoia condition and atmosphere, with rather spooky settings. So, what’s the point of ‘the creature’ to follow the main character anyway? Beats me! You need to watch it find the answer – and determine whether it is the one of the most anticipated horror movies that are worth your money or your time, or not. 

Insidious: Chapter 3

If you have watched chapter 1 and 2 – and feel terrorized by it – you may want to watch this chapter 3. This is a prequel, so you can’t really expect seeing the familiar characters from chapter 1 and 2. The director guarantees that this story is as gloomy and spooky as the previous sequels, despite the changes and different characters. Before the haunting problems of Lambert family began, physic Elise Rainier had to use her gift to help a teenager girl. Just like the case in the previous movies, this teenage girl is targeted by a dangerous and evil entity, so Rainier had to reluctantly contact the dead in order to save her. Generally, those who have watched chapter 1 and 2 will feel compelled to watch chapter 3. The reasons may be many, either they want to know the story before Lambert family’s terror or they are just curious of how the plot will be. 

The Atticus Institute

There is not much information about this movie, anyway, except that it takes setting back to 1976 in Pennsylvania. In a small lab, where it turns out to be a government’s place to conduct experiments and researches about possession, the military takes full control in national security matters. Of course, with military taking parts in the research, they want to try controlling the entity, not exorcising or banishing it away. I mean, don’t these people watch horror movies, anyway? Don’t they know that there is NOTHING that can control such supernatural, out-of-the-world entity? Well, you can probably guess the plot and the ending.


Elijah Wood is known for his ‘cute and adorable’ role in The Lord of the Ring, but nothing cute about his role in this zombie-infestation-happening- to-kids- only flick. If you have watched ‘the Walking Dead’ or ‘Resident Evil’, you’ll know that zombie likes flesh meat and brains. But what will happen when such zombie infestation is happening to cute and adorable kindergarten kids? Will you have the heart to pierce their brains or use their small heads as practicing targets? Playing as one of the teachers in this school, Wood is expected to come out alive and provide a solution to this zombie infestation. If you want to know what kind of zombie attack would be from kids’ point of view, this is the flick you should watch.


Basically, this is an old school and pretty regular kind of horror mixture. The story is about a bunch of teens releasing an evil entity – I don’t know whether it is intentional or accidental but aren’t all horrors movies start with something ‘accidental?’ Anyway, this evil entity starts possessing each one of them and does evil stuff. As you can guess, it usually ends in a blood bath. The characters themselves aren’t familiar, starring by Stephen Lang, Brett Dier, and Brittany Curran, among the few. 

Fear Clinic

You may think that this flick has something promising, considering that Robert Englund, known as the Freddy Krueger, stars it. Playing as Dr. Andover, a mental doctor with mentally damaged patients, Englund manages to play the character well. With Fear Chamber implemented for his patients to deal with their phobias, Dr. Andover plays God to force the patients deal with their biggest nightmare. The movie itself is based from the popular web series released in 2009.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Following the very successful original Paranormal Activity, it is pretty normal if you expect something different from this series; considering that it is the fifth series. Well, the major story is still about a house being possessed by an evil entity, but it takes a different point of view. Jesse starts noticing that strange things start to happen after his neighbor passed away, and those strange things are pretty disturbing. He finds out that he has been marked as the target of possession.

Amityville: The Awakening

It is another yet possessed house with an evil spirit, almost the same as the original Amityville flick in 2005 by Ryan Reynolds. Will it be interesting to watch? It’s you to decide.


31 is basically a game of survival where 5 people have to compete against evil clowns. Yup, you heard that right – evil clowns. These 5 people have to survive in a Murder World, where the primary object is about killing or be killed – by these evil clowns. Man oh man… 

Woman in Black: Angel of Death

Yes, the Eel Marsh House is haunted, and after 40 years passing since the first haunting, the darkest spirit inhabiting the house is yet stirred up by the presence of children evacuating from World War II. As you may suspect, mysterious appearances and creepy events happening in the house, and terror starts again.

If you have watched some of those horror movies above, sound off in the comments below!

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