10 Upcoming Movies to Check Out This Year

Be prepared to see different genres and types of movies in this 2015. What is your favorite flick, anyway? Is it horror or thriller? Is it comedy and romance? Or is it pure action? Don’t worry; there are different genres for different preferences, so you won’t be left behind this year. These are 10 upcoming movies from different genres that will fulfill your entertainment needs.

The Longest Ride

This flick is made based on a novel with the same title, written by Nicholas Sparks. Can you expect romance and touching story? You can bet on it! After all, Sparks are known for his heartfelt touching stories, so you should prepare loads tissue if you are going to watch it. The story is about Sophia, a woman wants to pursue her dream in the art world in New York and Luke, a former bull rider (as well as the champion) who tries to make a solid comeback. The romance sparks between the two, but then they start to experience conflicts of ideas and paths. In the middle of their relationship test, they meet Ira and be inspired by his long romance with his wife. The love stories between two different generations intertwine, and everyone learns about the challenges and also rewards in love.

Get Hard

If you like Will Ferrell, this is another flick of his that may entertain you. Ferrell plays as James King, a millionaire who is accused of fraud. Teamed up with Darnell (played by Kevin Hart), King learns how to get ‘toughed up’ before he finally goes to jail in San Quentin. Darnell is supposed to help King become this tough guy, but will these two men succeed? When it comes to Will Ferrell, I guess you know the answer. Naturally, this flick falls into the comedy genre.

Sinister 2

If you are into horror so much, this might appeal you. it is released as a summer flick around August, so the gloominess of this flick won’t affect you so much during the warm and sunny days. The setting is about a rural house, where a mother with her twin sons is all moving in. They just don’t know that the house is cursed and has been marked with death. As you can guess, the flick is filled with terrors and horrors from the house.


When Pierce Brosnan and Milla Jovovich are combined together you should expect a good – at least decent – action flick. It is about a Foreign Service office situated in London trying to prevent terrorist attack supposed to hit New York. But then she was framed for the crimes (that naturally she doesn’t commit), forcing her to run. The officer is targeted and wanted dead, but she is trying to clear her credibility and name, while at the same time trying to stop the New York’s terrorist attack during New Year’s Eve taken place in Times Square. Phew sounds like a serious handful!

Straight Outta Compton

If you like the musical type of flick, this is the perfect one for you. Taking the setting of 1987, five men are expressing their anger and frustration and end up revolutionize pop culture. Naturally, this kind of movie is filled with life stories of the characters. All the characters are using hardcore beats and honest rhymes to express their feelings and finally use their music as their weapon. It is viewed as a movie depicting social revolution and expression.

Woman in Gold

If you are into women movement and revolution, this may interest you. it is about Maria Altman, who tries to recover the artworks belonging to her family – or so she believes. It should be interesting, considering that Ryan Reynolds and Helen Mirren. As a Jewish refugee, Maria Altman tries her best to regain a famous painting taken during Nazi’s occupancy during World War II. It is not only about getting back what belongs to her, but also about getting justice for the art theft, destruction, and death by the Nazis.

The Age of Adaline

If you are expecting romance and a drama within one mix, this is a flick to see. It is about Adaline, a young woman who is endowed (or even cursed) with young age and immortality after experiencing an accident. Played by Blake Lively, Adaline has been living a solitary life until she meets Ellis Jones, a charismatic philanthropist. Adaline remains young in her 29 years old appearance for 80 years (she was born in the early 20th century) but has a very lonely life because she excludes everyone else. She has been running for all her life, she finally makes a decision that will change her life – as well as others.


It is a mix of comedy and action and with Melissa McCarthy within the scene, it should be very interesting. Jason Statham and Rose Byrne are also included among the casts. It is about Susan Cooper who works as a CIA analyst and the actual hero behind all the operations, but when agents are compromised and the missions are going into a downward lane, she volunteers to go undercover into the dangerous world of arm dealer and should try her best to prevent world crisis.

The Gift

It is a thriller mystery flick, with Rebecca Hall and Jason Bateman as the main casts. Young married couple, Robyn and Simon, whose life is okay until they meet someone’s from Simon’s pas, sending them into a life changing experience. Moral of the story: do you really know the person close to you?

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

If you want to see veteran casts and artists, you should see this movie. Where else can you see Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, or Bill Nighy within the same scene? The owner wants to open the second hotel, while another problem awaits – two guests with only one remaining room available. Sonny (played by Dev Patel) has been successful with the first Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and the Beautiful and Elderly, so he wants to open up the second one. Meanwhile, the guests have their own problems, including Douglas and Evelyn, Carol and Norman, and Lavinia and Guy. Maggie Smith, the co-manager, is the only one knowing everyone’s deepest secret, and his or her stories are intertwined very interestingly.

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