5 Most Memorable TV Shows Ever & We Want Them Back

Do you have a favorite TV shows that you wish will never ever end so you can keep watching them? Sure, it is an impossible wish, but everyone is entitled to their dream, aren’t they? Here are some movie series that I wish can be brought back and aired again by Netflix, although some of them were aired quite a long time ago. They have pretty good and solid stories, and they are somewhat more memorable than others.


The series started in 2001 and ended in 2006. The story is a female protagonist, Sydney Bristow, who is a very good and excellent CIA agent. Played by Jennifer Garner, the part of Sydney Bristow was made alive with femme fatale skills and butt-kicking actions. The series created by J.J. Abrams revolves around Sydney’s life as a CIA agent and later on her family’s secret – the fact that she was born in a family full of international spies. Her father Jack Bristow (Victor Garber) is a CIA agent while her mother Irina (Lena Olin) is another spy (I think it was Russian or something). Sydney has a half-sister, Nadia (Mia Maestro), who turns out to be another agent. And as if things weren’t complicated enough, Sydney falls in love with Michael Vaughn (Michael Vartan), who is another spy.

What make this flick so interesting is the strong female characters with the full action drama. You get to see Garner in her serious disguises as an agent, and it is a guarantee that you will never get bored when watching this show. Because of her good acting, Garner won Golden Globe Award for playing as Sydney Bristow in Best Performance of Actress in a Television Series in 2002. Even if you watch the show again now, it will never get old – or feel ancient.


Lasted for six years, the show began in 2004 and ended in 2010. It has all the good combination of suspense, mystery, and thriller. That’s why Writers Guild of America, along with The X-Files and ER, lists this ABC’s drama as the 27th best-written TV series within all time.

This show is written by J.J. Abrams (again!), working together with Damon Lindelof and Jeffrey Lieber. The main plot is about a plane from Sydney to Los Angeles and then crashed in a remote island somewhere in the South Pacific. 48 people survived the crash, but they had to experience strange phenomenon and events in this mysterious island. Some of them managed to survive while some don’t. The conflicts lead to viewers suspecting some things: are they actually in purgatory? Are they actually dead already? Moreover, it was later on revealed that each character is actually connected to one another and they have a certain role for each other.

‘Lost’ won Golden Globe Award for category Best Television Series in 2006. During the years it was aired, it had won several Emmy awards too. It is even listed as the no.5 of Top Cult Shows Ever from TV Guide.

Twin Peaks

It is one of the oldest TV series and aired for only two seasons – from 1990 to 1991. However, the dark plot and the mysterious characters and approach make this show appealing. It is one of the movie series that is quite honest with its blunt storyline. The story is quite dark and creepy, but that what makes it more interesting.

It is about FBI Agent Dale Cooper (by Kyle MacLachlan, in his younger age) who is situated in Twin Peaks, Washington to investigate the death of Laura Palmer. This popular teenage girl is gruesomely murdered, and Cooper has to put piece by piece to find the murderer. His investigation isn’t going well, as the small town is filled with mystery and secret, and he has to deal with an actually shady crime. Because of the interesting plot, Twin Peaks sits on no.25 in Top Cult Shows Ever from TV Guide, and despite the short life, it remains memorable.

Six Feet Under

Aired on HBO from 2001 to 2005, Six Feet Under is a funny but really complicated series – but that’s what makes it interesting. Alan Ball, who also wrote American Beauty and True Blood, created it. It is about Fisher family and their family funeral home.

The story is about Nathaniel FIsher (played by Peter Jenkins) who inherited the funeral home to his two eldest kids, Nate Jr. (played by Peter Krause) and David (Michael C. Hall). Each episode has its own storyline and general begins with gruesome or untimely death – usually the clients of the funeral home. Each death will set different moods and tones of the feelings of the characters to the end of the episode. The family still has Claire Fisher (played by Lauren Ambrose), the youngest kid from the three siblings, and Ruth Fisher (played by Frances Conroy). It is also told that Nathanial Fisher likes to haunt his family and talk to them.

The show is funny, but also witty, sarcastic, dirty, rude, and dark. It is basically about primal emotions that we, as human beings, experience, so you can expect grief, sex, and mourning – among other things. These are the elements that make this movie series likable – its honesty and rawness of human existence and nature. It is no wonder if the series often won Emmy and Golden Globe awards several times.

Beverly Hills 90210

Lasted for 10 years – just like Friends – who can forget these young teenage characters, with innocent Brenda, playful Kelly, and the bad boy but sexy Dylan? It is about twins Brenda and Brandon (played cutely by Shannon Doherty and Jason Priestly) living in a posh Beverly Hills neighborhood after moving out from Minnesota. The story is about a high school teenagers group with their own conflicts and problems.

Based on this series, other similar shows like Melrose Place or even the Beverly Hills 2000 are made. But of course, nothing can compete against the popularity of the original series. However, the atmosphere of the show started to change when Doherty left it after season 4. It just had never been the same anymore without Doherty. 


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