50 Best TV Shows Aired on Netflix

If you are planning on watching shows on Netflix, keep in mind that there are loads of options to choose. To narrow down your search, here are 50 best TV movie series that you can watch on Netflix, starting from no.50 to no.1.

Broad church

The movie is actually bleak, dark, and mysterious, about a small boy being murdered in the seaside and quiet town in The Great Britain. It was once a very popular TV show, especially in The UK, thanks to the social media spread.

Sons of Anarchy

If you like watching the Sopranos, you will like this one – especially if you are into motorcycles. Season 1 and 2 are the most interesting, violent, and intense ones while inconsistency is apparent from season 3 to 5, but if you want violent, you can watch it again from season 6.

The League

It has the combination of Curb Your Enthusiasm, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and football theme flicks. It has its own awkward humor, and yet it is interesting. It may not be as funny as Sunny, but it has its own appeal.


If you want to know how dirty politics can be, and everyone involved always has their own dark secrets, this is the movie series you should see. The first and second seasons are the most intense and the wildest ones, but the intensity starts to diminish from season 3.


It is another superhero-based drama, but it is not as innocent as Smallville. In fact, it is pretty dark and all the characters are grayish – not clear black or white. The action is attractive, the plot is addictive, and the main character is definitely handsome. It is a guarantee that you won’t be bored when watching this.

Top of the Lake

It is a cool combo between The Killing and Twin Peaks, with twisted stories. It all starts up of a missing girl and an investigation made for it. Later on, it leads to an incestuous family who deals drugs accused of the kidnapping. It has six episodes and all of them are pretty dark and intense.


All good flicks always have a good and solid foundation, until love ruins it all. The first season is pretty terrific with all mystery – just like the X-Files. It is filled with the sci-fi stuff until the love triangle between Olivia and Peter ruins it all. and it turns into a love triangle story – the sci-fi put aside. But if you still love it, be my guest.


It combines detective stories with comedy, and the result is hilarious. The chemistry between Shawn and Gus never fails anyone, and it is surely a fun series to watch.


If you like Glenn Close being brutal but brilliant at the same time, this is the series to watch. Close is a monster, but you will fall in love with her character. Rose Byrne is okay, and you get to see some recurring characters like Chris Messina, John Goodman, Timothy Olyphant, and many more.


Dexter is a blood spatter analyst working for the police department in Miami, but at night, he turns into a serial killer, taking revenge on the bad people. it’s like the dark version of Batman, with a twist of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. If you like seeing bad guys being terrorized, this is the perfect series to watch.


This is one of the old school series, the first generations of sitcoms. It is amusing and warm, like a show with a family-filled atmosphere that you want to watch over and over again. it is no wonder if it is listed as one of the best sitcoms of all time.

Quantum Leap

This is the first generation of sci-fi series that bring back memories. Although it is pretty outdated – and the technologies are quite an old-school, from today’s point of view), the story is still interesting. You also get to see Scott Bacula before his NCIS New Orleans.

Family Guy

It is an animation series, alright, but it is definitely not for kids. after all, what can you expect from creators like Seth MacFarlane and his dark humor? It is snazzy, witty, and full with social comments and critics – definitely a good choice after a hard day at work.


If you like watching a femme fatale-kind-of-character, this conspiracy and drama series will be suitable to your preference. The story is great and Jennifer Garner is definitely a perfect option as Sydney Barstow. It is filled with action, although the story starts to loosen up after several seasons.

How I Met Your Mother

The series starts out okay and superb, but it starts to lose its grip – and also the laughter – after several seasons. But if you want to watch the combo of Friends and The Big Bang Theory, this is a series worth watching for.


It is ridiculous and silly, but that’s the power of it. The comedy is smart and somehow feels familiar. You will understand more if you have been to Portland, or live there. But even if not, it is not a big deal.

The New Girl

At first it focuses on the main character, by Zoey Deschanel, and her quirkiness, but when it develops on the comedy part, it turns into one of the best sitcoms ever created. Sure, there are ups and downs of it, but the humor is still there.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It is funny and honest – and it can be quite offensive, sometimes. But if you like the funnier version of Seinfeld – try to imagine a triple portion of it – you will get Sunny.


It is mysterious and suspenseful – well, at least at the first two seasons. But the plot is interesting, and if you like the mysterious type of series, this is the perfect one for you.


You will feel somehow related to most of the plots if you are a parent. But even if you are not, you get to understand some of the things happening in your life – depicting perfectly on the show. Sometimes it gets too mushy and too sentimental, but that depends on the type of what kind of viewer you are.

The Wonder Years

Sets in 60s background and setting, it talks a lot about social issues, such as the cultural gap between the hippie youth and the conservative elders, or about Vietnam War. Drama is definitely the bigger portion of this flick.

Raising Hope

The series is basically creative, surprising, and clever. It is hilarious, with a spot on the depth and comedic exploration. It begins as two middle-class families who are trying to raise a kid together, but later on, it focuses more on Garret Dillahunt and Martha Plimpton.

House of Cards

Starred by Kevin Spacey, the story is witty, funny, and attractive. the plot is marvelous, and you get to see the remarkable acting of Spacey. Too bad it only lasted for two seasons because the first one is amazing while the second one not very much.

The Walking Dead

It is gore, it is real, and it is intense. It has its own dark twist that portrays human nature and characteristics. It can be quite plain and boring, especially when it is on the drama side, but hey….it is about human survival during zombie apocalypse time, so it is quite normal when you are shown how humans manage survive.


It only lasted for one season, but with such interesting and intense story like that, Terriers should have prolonged seasons – probably to five. Too bad that it has been canceled.

Better off Ted

If you like watching Arrested Development, you will like this one, starred by Portia de Rossi, it shows professional working situation and the dark side of it – in humorous way, of course. it is different and can be a bit subversive, but it is honest and pure, and I really like it.

Bob’s Burgers

Another animated series with music and witty scenes. It may not be as crazy as Archer, but it has its own appeal and attraction.

Black Mirror

It is like the darker version of Twilight Zone in this modern world – imagine that! And too bad it only has six episodes. But each episode has its own interesting and twisted plots with biting social comments and sarcasm. Just try watching it; you will be addicted.

Parks and Recreation

It is a good sitcom with funny and heartfelt atmosphere. You may find the first 6 episodes to be slow and boring, however, but brace yourself and you will be pampered for the rest of the shows and seasons.

Peaky Blinders

It has popular casts like Cilian Murphy and Tom Hardy, and if you want to watch a series with intense stories – like Boardwalk Empire – it is a show that you must watch.

The Office

Steve Carell manages to deliver a very good sense of humor into the office atmosphere and setting, and although he can be a pain in the butt, he somewhat manages to portray a jerk and stupid boss character. It has its own UK version by Ricky Gervais, but Gervais’ humor can be quite sadistic and awkward – Carell’s is better. 


It is dark, it is gloomy, and it makes you uncomfortable, but it has its own honesty. That’s why it is called as the grittiest and darkest cop show that has ever invented.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It is quite old school, with Sarah Michelle Gellar as the cool, butt kicking vampire slayer. The story is nice with solid platform, and you will always remember the characters, including Angel.


It is running on sci-fi platform but too bad it ends so soon. Starred by Nathan Fillion (remember Castle?), the series is actually very interesting with sci-fi pop culture touch. The villains are all cool and impressive. And it only has 14 episodes, so you won’t waste much of your time.

Doctor Who

It is another sci-fi show that will appeal you much – if you are a geek. Even if you aren’t you will find the story is quite amusing and entertaining.

West Wing

If you like politics-based theme, and you want to know how the fictional President should act and work, this is the show to watch.

Gilmore Girls

It is a heartfelt and warm drama with pop culture and witty influence. you learn about a single mom tries to get hold of her own life, while dealing with her only daughter.

The X Files

The story is intense and the mysteries are all spot on. You are often left wondering “What’s going on?” and still have no clue, but that’s the appeal of the series. Moreover, there is no doubt that you are thrilled by the chemistry between Mulder and Scully, with their complex relationship.

30 Rock

It is hilarious, funny, intelligent, and definitely feminist. With Tina Fey on the scene and Alex Baldwin playing the boss, everything is so interesting. You get to see what’s going on between the scene of TV world, although it is a doubt that the real will be so chaotic like that.


If you like watching medical theme series – but with less seriousness and intensity – you will like this. With Turk and J.D. as the sitcom bromance (remind you a lot of Gus and Shawn from Psych), you will find yourself entertained.

Orange is the New Black

It is a combination of comedy and drama with prison setting. it depicts human’s nature with funny and realistic platform that teaches you that every choice you have has its own consequences. It is addictive and it is certainly a smart show to watch.  

Mad Men

It has its own appealing drama and plot, and the characters are all impressive. Things can be quite slow for a while, but it is worth watching for to the end.


It is an animated show about an agent, who is a narcistic and not very competent in doing his work actually. Some would say that the story is mostly chaotic. You may need some time to adjust yourself to the humor, but you will enjoy it – even addicted to it – in the end.


Should I even explain why it is considered as one of the best sitcom ever made?

Arrested Development

It is intense, with its own dark humor. You may lose interest of it after a while, but you have to admit that it is one of the most enjoyable show to watch.


If you like watching the modern version of Sherlock Holmes and his brilliant way of deducting conclusions and answers, you’ll love this one. It has the classic spirit of stories from the book, and the two characters played by Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) and Martin Freeman (Holmes) are certainly brilliant. It is funny without insulting your intelligence.

Friday Night Lights

The show is teaching you how to become a better person (well, not directly and boringly), and it is basically a family drama with lots of mixes. It is great for parents as well as for teenagers.


It is a comedy that has all the right combinations. It is hilarious, funny, and smart. It has its own appeal with a tragic twist sometimes. It keeps you down to earth.

Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks has its own appeal, with witty comedy and sometimes dark humor. It can be quite offensive and uncomfortable too. Too bad it doesn’t last long – only one season. If you like it and you want to see the spirit kept within, go watch Undeclared. It is just as good.

Breaking Bad

No wonder if it is considered as the best – not one of the best – shows ever invented and aired. It is about a chemistry teacher turning into the world of crime after he is diagnosed with cancer. It is a thriller drama with its own dark humor.

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