A Comedy of Terrors Mashup

A Comedy of Terrors Mashup

Get into the Halloween spirit with a host of horror comedies!

Boo! A Madea Halloween
See it NOW! https://goo.gl/3fFiqZ
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/ZXle1W

A Haunted House
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/JUNnmS
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/klGQ1V

An American Werewolf in London
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/Ko3awN
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/DtTDRF

Army of Darkness
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/JOfWBt
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/vfYTnl

Bad Milo
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/fcAUDW

See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/llLa8N
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/5HsDEV

Dead Alive
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/3C5WuH

Get Out
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/8t1UWU
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/s4tZg3

See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/fkgFaj
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/DK1JiP

John Dies at the End
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/C7plv0
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/NW2cC9

Killer Klowns from Outer Space
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/hBh11b
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/IZNN0W

See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/rkwJqf
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/gs8xW8

See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/mFMRBy
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/wZlZA9

Life After Beth
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/NZeWwX
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/6M8juU

Scary Movie
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/3zx4ZT
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/4R1fNi

Scary Movie 2
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/DEmGVn
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/cUzXh9

Scary Movie 3
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/71eCIl
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/2IcMbZ

Scary Movie 4
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/jCERHo
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/CdBX94

Scary Movie 5
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/HE3E0R
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/QJ8zCH

Shaun of the Dead
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/xNlXnY
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/LDUICd

See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/Sg6MWp
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/UWSbi3

See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/2vrQ3u
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/2OBCFk

The ‘Burbs
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/mjlhVa
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/0qfQ7N

The Cabin in the Woods
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/vnHLrv
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/DizscY

The Final Girls
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/qgt0FE
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/gPikIx

The Visit
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/AfWWVU
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/Dg8Hau

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/xuw8cV
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/KbGsol

See it NOW! – https://goo.gl/7U4UHr
Watch More Clips – https://goo.gl/9J36yX

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