Agent Carter’s Season 2 Starts The Production

If you have been watching Marvel’s Agent Carter, you know that there is upcoming season 2 where Peggy Carter’s adventure will begin in a whole lot new setting and mission. After all, seeing how a female agent in the 40s era should have worked in a harsh and tough environment full of men should be interesting enough.

The producers have been thinking and deciding whether they are going to make season 2 and whether they are going to start production soon enough. And it seems that they finally decided that they are going to start filming this early summer for the second season. In the first season, we see Peggy Carter kicking ass in the Big Apple with all the crowds and bustle, while things are about to be different in second seasons as Peggy will be moving to West Coast – more specifically, the city of Los Angeles. Not only she will be responsible for new cases, she will also work together with a new partner (in crime, of course); none other than Edwin Jarvis – Howard Stark’s butler. It seems that Agent Daniel Sousa will be accompanying Peggy to the West Coast, for her missions.

agent carter season 2

The decision to make season 2 doesn’t seem to be an easy one, but ABC has finally made up their mind. It should be good news for Agent Carter’s fans as they can see her in action again. Previously, no details have been made about the casts. In fact, it seems that Haley Attwell would be the only actress confirmed to get back to the second season. It seems that producers still had hard times deciding whether characters from season 1 will be returning to the second season. But it seems that Edwin Jarvis and Daniel Sousa will be coming back, accompanying Peggy.

According to ABC’s plan, Agent Carter will be returning, but as a midseason show. For this current decision, ABC has decided that the timeslot for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D in January will be used for Agent Carter while the previous series will go on hiatus. Although ABC doesn’t say their plan concerning Agent Carter’s episodes, it is predicted that they are going to make at least 8 episodes (just similar to the first season).

In this second season, Peggy Carter still has to deal with the threats of the atomic age, especially in relation to the World War II setting. That’s why she is traveling to Los Angeles, her new home. New things have waited for her, such as new mission, new home, and even the possibility of new romance. But she is also about to find out that the glam world of Hollywood even masks a more dangerous threat that no one ever thought of.

Some of the main casts are returning to the scene, such as Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter), James D’Arcy (Edwin Jarvis), and Enver Gjokaj (Daniel Sousa) – who are confirmed to return. It is highly likely that Lyndsy Fonseca, Chad Michael Murray, and Bridget Regan will also be included in this second season production.

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