Best Chick Flicks of 2018 to 2019

A lot of movies today hold a lot of significance particularly when it comes to how enjoyable a day would be. A typical girl’s night out boils down to eating chocolate and watching a lot of chick flick movies. Chick flicks are movies usually made for girls, and they come as romantic comedies. There have been a lot of romantic comedies so far, particularly over the past decade. Yes, there have been a lot but here are some of the best chick flick movies of the year 2018 and 2019. Let’s go…

Forever My Girl

Forever my girl was released in January 2018 and is a chick flick movie I think everybody should see. The movie stars Jessica Rothe, and Alex Roe showed the bond that true love has. A music star reunites with his first love and realizes the price he paid for success. With the help of his daughter whom he did not know he had before leaving eight years ago; he was able to win her back with humility and patience.

Not every chick flick 2018 movie has its foundation in Love, but this is one which has love written over it and is sure to take a tear or two from your eyes.

The movie with a budget of USD 3.5 million earned a whopping USD 16million. Produced by LD entertainment and distributed by Roadside Attractions, “Forever my Girl” is a movie to be reckoned with in 2018.

A Star is Born

A more engaging and breath-taking chick flick movie directed Hotty Bradley Cooper is one to watch. A Star is Born is a story which talks about the story of a seasoned musician Jackson Maine who discovers and falls in love with Ally, a struggling musician. She had a dream of becoming a big musician until Jackson persuades her into the spotlight. Ally’s career finally takes off, but the personal side of her life seems to take a nose dive as Jackson fights with his demons. The helper becomes the helped as she tries to help him get through the tough times.

Not to exaggerate much, but this movie racked a whopping USD 433.9 million from a budget of USD 36 million when it was released 12th October 2018. A Star is Born is nothing short of breathtaking and interesting.

Isn’t it Romantic

This is the story of a New-York Architect named Natalie who does a lot to get noticed at work but has more chances of delivering bagels and coffees rather than her great architectural designs. She humorously lost consciousness after trying to fend off a mugger where she awakes in a surreal, magical PG-13 rom-com world. Natalie believes that romance is a total lie and she suddenly finds herself as the lead role in a real-life romantic comedy. Erin Cardillo is the writer and Todd Strauss-Schulson is the directtor and was released on Valentine’s day in 2019. The movie had a budget of USD 31 million and earned USD 46.4 million. This is a great chick flick and one you should see if you have not already.

Mamma Mia! Here we go again

This is one to love. Rated PG13, this is a movie which goes back and forth in time showing how relationships forged in the past have a way of resonating in the present. This half-prequel, half-sequel movie essentially talks about how Sophie struggles to tell her mother Donna that she is having issues over being pregnant. She receives comfort from Donna as Donna opens up about her pregnancy. This story is co-written and directed by OI Parker.

The movie produced for USD 75 million by Universal Pictures grossed USD 393.7 million and is currently available for streaming on various stores like Amazon prime.

Crazy Rich Asians

Even the name’s crazy with the movie talking about the story of Rachel Chu, a longtime girlfriend of Nick Young. She accompanied him to his friend’s wedding in Singapore where he introduced her to his family only for her to find out that Nick’s family is extremely wealthy making him one of the country’s eligible bachelors. On meeting the family, she is rejected by his rich friends and family. Pushed into the spotlight, Rachel must now contend with Nick’s disapproving mother as well as jealous relatives and quirky socialites.

Released 31st August 2018, the movie Directed by Jon M. Chu made a whopping USD 238.5 million from a budget of USD 30 million, making it one of the best chick flick movies of the year.

Second Act

This is a chick flick which has both comedy (which is normal with rom-com’s) and motivation for a certain group of the female population. This Peter Segal movie is based on the screenplay written by Goldsmith-Thomas with Jennifer Lopez on the silver screen once again as the lead cast. She plays the role of Maya, a big box store worker who by some unorthodox methods reinvents her life and story as she shows Madison Avenue that everything is not just by qualifications but what you have within. There is more to the story than we can say, but it proves to be a fascinating piece. Released December 2018, the movie earned USD 72.3 million from box office with a budget of USD 16 million.

A lot of chick flick movies have come out in the year 2018 and 2019 with a lot of them catching the eye with their stories and thrilling casts. It is safe to say that a majority of us loves this genre of movies and these are a few of the exciting and most exciting chick flick movies in the last two years.

We know that there are still a couple of them still coming in the year 2019, the question is which one of these romantic comedy movies can you not wait to see this year?

Tell us what you think….

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Best Chick Flicks of 2018 to 2019
Best Chick Flicks of 2018 to 2019
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