Bourne 5: Damon Continues while Cross will be Coming Soon

The Bourne series have managed to create a new platform of spy and secret agents worlds – and if I may say, they are much better and more real than the series of Bond movies. In my humble opinion, of course. But everyone has their own preference, anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I love Daniel Craig’s Bond character that is more masculine and tougher, but Bourne is another character that I adore.

If you have followed the series, you know that there are two main characters here: Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross – and both of them are played by action specialized actors, Matt Damon, and Jeremy Renner. Jeremy Renner has been quite busy this year, considering that some of his movies have been premiered in theaters; Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and also the Avengers. Renner is hoping that Cross will be crossing path with Bourne, so he will have the chance to play with Damon, but such hope may not be fulfilled just yet.

As you may be aware of, character Aaron Cross in the fourth Bourne series was created when Matt Damon refused to return to Bourne series. Up until now, there have been talks about Aaron Cross coming back to the big screen, while Jason Bourne is still around. That’s why rumor has it that there will be probably a crossover between these two characters. However, Frank Marshall, the producer, has claimed that they haven’t planned such scheme just yet. They do have plans to continue the Bourne Legacy series, but it will be likely being separated from the Damon’s Bourne series.

Although Marshall claims that they won’t be making any crossover between Cross and Bourne for now, he won’t say the same for future reference. Marshall won’t say that he never says such scheme will never be met, but for now, these characters are on separated different paths.

So far, there have been rumors about the Bourne series. In the previous release, Damon refused to return to the fourth series because Paul Greengrass wasn’t included in the production. And when Bourne Legacy was doing pretty good with Aaron Cross in 2012, Universal decided that they are going to make the sequel for Legacy – although an exact date hasn’t been confirmed yet. But then, there is a surprising update when Greengrass and Damon agreed to return to the set, which means that Bourne will be back on the action once again – most likely in 2016.

The rumor about the crossover between Bourne and Cross certainly happened for a reason, but for this meantime, we have to be satisfied with Bourne 5. It is possible that the movie will be released around July the 29th 2016. The casts will include Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones, and most likely Viggo Mortensen playing as the villain. If you happen to be Renner’s fan, don’t worry. You can still see him in one of Bourne Saga in the upcoming years because the producers love him. You just have to wait for further official confirmation about the next Cross’ adventure. 

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