Fifty Shades Darker: Ready for Production

Not everyone is interested in the theme of bondage and S&M, but when it comes from a popular novel, everyone seems to have a change of heart. Well, that’s the special thing from the literary world and popular movie industry. After the novel Fifty Shades of Grey hits the roof for its popularity, everyone is intrigued to see how the movie turns out to be. Although the result may not be very good or satisfying, but still….it is quite popular and the casts are also known wide world – and that includes Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.


And it seems that the role of Anastasia Steele will return to the big screen with her distant love interest, Christian Grey, in the upcoming Fifty Shades Darker, which is the sequel from Grey. Talking to Empire during Venice Film Festival to talk about her current movies, A Bigger Splash and Black Mass, the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith talks about her upcoming role. It seems that Universal sees the potential in releasing the complete saga, and with the success of the first flick (yes, they do see it as a success), they are pursuing the idea of releasing the second and also the final series.

However, their plan seems to be delayed in the making because Sam Taylor-Johnson, the previous director, decided not to return to the set. James Foley, director of Confidence, has been appointed to replace Taylor-Johnson, and has agreed to direct the next sequel of this S&M love story. Johnson admits that things have been quite exciting for her. There were moments when she was afraid because she didn’t know how Foley is like and how his work ethics are. Naturally, she would be more comfortable working with Taylor-Johnson because they have been working together, but she thinks that Foley is a great director and she’s glad with the opportunity to work with him. After all, she needs to get herself accustomed to different kinds of people in the world she is working right now.

It seems that the problems around the production of this upcoming sequel of Grey won’t stop there. One of the main issues is E.L. James, the author for Grey, insists on being involved in the production and being allowed to steer the movie. However, it is Niall Leonard (James’ husband) that will be responsible for the movie’s script. As for Foley, having taken the job, should have known what awaits for him in the production.

And as if it weren’t enough, the two main stars (Dornan and Johnson) are rumored not to get along very well. This can be troublesome as they are required to do intense love-making scenes and be involved in loads of naked actions. Well, hopefully, they can sort out whatever problems they have.

For now, Johnson is promoting her movies with Johnny Depp, Black Mass, which should release around November the 27th 2015. She is also involved in A Bigger Splash, a mystery drama, which will be included in BFI London Film Festival. The Fifty Shades Darker, is planned to release around February the 10th 2017, while Fifty Shades Freed (the final chapter) should launch around February the 9th 2018.

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