The Final of Game of Thrones Season 4 Elimination

Game of Thrones Season 4 premiered on 6th of April 2014. The story is mainly based from one of the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series novel named A Storm of Swords from the middle on that spread in 10 episodes where War of the Five Kings almost come to an end. We will see how the story goes and give the fans something to enjoy.

The stories go on to Sansa Stark still captive by the Iron Throne, and then being forced to marry Tyrion Lannister. Then the stories of Rickon Stark that goes to Last Hearth for safety while his brother Bran Stark along with others are tried to reach out the Wall. Another family member Arya Stark is a force to stay alive in the protection of a man that she hates the most. In this season, the stories are mainly about Tyrion’s story, Jon Snow’s story, and Dany’s story involving another character. Of course as usual there are a lot of people who died during the journey.

Eliminated Characters of Game of Thrones Season 4

Now let’s see who’s eliminated during the final season, some of your hate or loved characters might die, but some might survive on Season 5. Like Jojen Reed who’s eliminated by a skeleton by the sword.

Sandor Clegane eliminationSandor Clegane elimination

This character is killed by Brienne because she wants to protect Arya and bring him somewhere saves, although we do not know where that place could be. The battle done hand on hand against those characters is actually a little bit unfair since Sandor Clegane surely a lot stronger than Brienne, but Sandor does not mind at all and he looks so happy to get easy opponent. But Brienne fought so hard and give all her might so she was able to pass Sandor out off the cliff. Although Brienne did not actually killed Sandor by hand, but he seems not happy about his lost. That is why he try to make Arya killed him, sadly Arya does not give up to the temptation and let him die on his own during watch game of thrones online free.

Shae eliminationShae elimination

Her story might be romance or not really a romance, but she did get a lot of warrior on her side. First she goes against Tyrion on the trial, then right afterward she sleeps with his father Tywin. Fortunately, Tyrion realizes this when he goes to his father chamber and only find Shae there. Then in the moment of confusion to defend herself, she grabs a knife and tried to kill Tyrion. After pull and push, Tyrion finally pulled Shae neck chain and strangled Shae to her death by still saying his sorry.

Tywin eliminationTywin elimination

For Tywin, his elimination is done in his bathroom when suddenly Tyrion enters it secretly. Of course, it would not be fair if there is no argue and yell against each other. Especially when Tyrion revealed that he is the one that killed his father favorite lady. Then to make the story short, Tyrion launch an arrow to his father which hit him directly. Tywin tried to defense himself by doing some nice talk, but that does not really get any effect on Tyrion. Then finally Tywin say that Tyrion is not his son to create some confusion. Of course, Tyrion does not buy this thing because he already knows that he is his father-son. Then with determination Tyrion launch his second arrow to his father that ends it.

This last episode really describes all about the children story where the children are the one that plays important roles in the story. First is Tywin that defy by his children Cersei, Tyrion, and Jaime, and in the end he also killed by one of his sons. Next is Dany who have to put her dragoon children inside the catacomb. Then Jon Snow that finally get his role as a leader. Move on to Bran that being saved by the children of the forest. Last but not least is Arya who goes by her own on the game of thrones season 4.

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