Romantic Movies to Watch for Valentine’s Day

Valentine is just around the corner and people may choose different ways to spend their evening with their loved ones. Some may celebrate it with dinner, and some may want to stay at home and cuddle with their families, watching Valentine movies. There are some options of romantic movies to watch for Valentine’s day; some are pretty new and some are pretty classic (meaning, that it is old school and quite old). However, whatever your pick is, be sure to have your loved ones with you. Really, being able to spend the day with the loved ones is already a priceless gift – you can’t ask for more.

New Valentine Movies in 2016

There are some new movies in this 2016 that you should watch, especially if you are so into romantic flicks. Some of them are comedies; after all, the laugh is good for the soul, right? Just have a blast and enjoy your evening.

The first one is Tumbledown, which is a romantic comedy. Hannah has to deal with her husband’s sudden and unexpected death. She is a folk singer, who is almost made it to fame and success, but decides to get back to her small town. She decides that she wants to spend her time writing her husband’s biography, for her sake and for her fans. However, right at the same time, a writer from New York, Andrew, wants to write a book about her husband, and their not-so-smooth encounter has developed into a relationship that may seem strange for some people.

The second one is Marguerite and Julien, with the classic setting. It is about Marguerite and Julien de Ravalot, both the children of Lord of Tourlaville. They have developed feelings for each other since they were kids. However, the society sees their affection as scandalous, forcing them to run away because they can’t resist their own feelings anymore.

The third one is Me Before You. It may not be romantic in a loving sense, but somehow, the story is sweet and touching. It is about a girl that is forced to take a job to be a wealthy man’s caretaker. The man had suffered from an accident, making him decides that life isn’t worth living. Their first encounter was rocky and not really smooth, but later on, both of them find out that they have grown and developed without them even realizing it – and it happens because of each other.

The fourth option is How to Be Single. It is a romantic comedy with Big Apple as the setting. It is easy to get lonely in a big city like New York, and it is the same thing shared by the main characters: Robin, Alice, Meg, Lucy, David, and Tom. The six of them soon learn that there is more than one definition of love, and they grow along together. With Dakota Johnson, Leslie Mann, Rebel Wilson, and Alison Brie, the movie should be interesting.

And the last option for the new 2016 movies is My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. I find the first sequel to be hilarious and, hopefully, so is this second flick. It is about Portokalos family and their family secret, and they have to face another big Greek wedding – which is bigger.

The Old and Classic Options

Some of the old movies are quite good and interesting. Some of them are even tragic and memorable. Some people may find Love Story (from the 70s) to be romantic and touching, but I personally don’t really like sad endings. Here are some of the best movies for Valentine from the different time frame.

Pretty Woman. Who don’t know this classic love story? Who can resists Richard Gere who was a hunk at that time? And Julia Robert….simply beautiful. Made in 1990, this one is a must watch movie for Valentine.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Made in 1961, Audrey Hepburn managed to set the classic and timeless LBD. The story she shared with George Peppard is witty too.

Sleepless in Seattle. Made in 1993 and started by Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, the story is sweet…about two people trying to find their true love.

The Notebook. With Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, James Garner, and Gena Rowlands, the movie is about a couple that has to go through a long journey of love to be together. I find the twist at the end to be unique and memorable.

Somewhere in Time. With Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve as the main casts, the movie is about a man that travels back in time through hypnosis to meet the love of his life – whom he saw through a classic photo. For me, personally, the story is simple and funny, and yet very touching and sweet. It is very original and unique too! There is a bittersweet mix in the end, and I am glad that it has a happy ending.

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