SuperMansion: Super Silly Animation Web Series about Superheroes

All these years, movies or comics about superheroes have been made; mostly focusing on their super power and their coolness when it comes to battling out enemies. But what if there is a team of superheroes that isn’t only unique, but also silly as well? There is a new web series that should be coming to Crackle around fall, and this TV show is about a superhero team – unlike you have ever met or known before. Forget the idea that they will be normal, logical, and cool like the Avengers or Justice League, as they may be silly.

SuperMansion: Super Silly Animation Web Series about Superheroes

The SuperMansion is a project starred and produced by Bryan Cranston. This award-winning persona is known for his unique options when it comes to choosing a particular project, which has never been the same. Besides Cranston, other producers include Zebb Wells (also lending his voice in the web series) and Matthew Senreich. The idea of making SuperMansion is to deliver something unique and one of a kind; making it different from other superheroes movies. Coming to Comic-Con, these men hope that they can create a hilarious, witty, and real story about a team of superhuman individuals.

SuperMansion: Super Silly Animation Web Series about Superheroes

Cranston seems to have a positive and optimistic view about SuperMansion. After all, the creators responsible for this series are the ones that have delivered Robot Chicken to you.

The League of Freedom itself (why do I have the feeling that it may be a parody version of DC’s Justice League) consists of several members, whose age come in various levels. Some of them even experience quite a drastic age gap between one another. The leader is Titanium Rex (with Bryan Cranston as the voice), who is quite an elderly. His main strengths are X-Ray vision, Titan strength, and being able to fly. But his specialty (which you can consider quite silly) is learning how to use an email.

Other members are:

  • American Ranger (Keegan-Michael Key), who is 22 years old. His special power is having wings for flights. He is skillful in traditional soldier combat, as well as peeling potatoes.
  • Black Saturn (Tucker Gilmore), who is 28 years old. His special power is to throw disks, but his specialties are bleakness and Frisbee golf.
  • Brad (Tom Root), who is 43 years old. His special powers are his lung capacity (which is superhuman), augmented muscular strength, invulnerability, and incredible strength.
  • Cooch (Heidi Lynn Gardner), who is 25 years old. Being the only female member, she has razor sharp claws. Not to mention that she is super agile and has superhuman speed. Her specialty is using the toilet – well, almost most of the time.
  • Robobot (Zeb Wells). His special power is to transform himself into any useful tools. His specialty is his question and curiosity of what it likes to be human.
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