The Flash Season 2: Coming with New Costume Design

If you were born on the 80s, you certainly know the Flash movie series that were made around the 90s. I was so totally impressed by the flicks, and I have made it one of my favorite movie series ever made – well, after all, not many cool movie series were aired back then. So when the new Flash was released around 2014, imagine how ecstatic I was. As you can all guess, the new series are made better with all the new technologies and special effects, making it more believable. And after ending the season 1 with some of the episodes, the flick is planned to return to the season 2 – which is a great news because it means that it gets good ratings and considered promising – come to think of it, I feel bad for Bionic Woman several years back, stopping at season 1 only.

The Flash Season 2- Coming with New Costume Design

As for the return of the new Flash for the second season, this DC superhero is planned to get a new costume design. The final episode from season 1 has ended several months before and the company has made official release concerning the new costume design. They aren’t saying anything about the costume, but they do release teaser images of the show – two of them – with the new costume design. You can imagine the excitements of the fans over the new changes, which mean that the show is set to depict another development of the plot as well as the expansion of DC Universe. What’s new about this newer version of the Flash is that not only it involves some of the strange supernatural stuffs, it also involves mysterious cases that you won’t find from the original old school the Flash flicks.

For most fans, the season finale episode from season 1 was considered epic, but wait until you can watch the season 2 as the universe will be expanded. If goes as planned, there will be multiverse – from multi-universe – that will be explored in details in season 2. As if the plan weren’t enough exciting already, well-known guest stars will be coming. Michael Ironside has been plotted to appear playing Lewis Snart, the father of Captain Cold or Leonard Snart (played by Wenworth Miller) as well as Peyton List playing Lisa Snart or the Golden Glider. Teddy Sears will be playing Jay Garrick, while Patty Spivot, the police officer, will be played by Shantel VanSanten. More guest stars and more superheroes…wow!

The new Flash season 2 will be returning on the CW on Tuesday, the 6th of October 2015. If you are excited about the development of the story as well as wanting to know how your favorite character will be put on the action, stay tuned for more updates and official release. The new Flash is made by Bonanza Production Inc. working together with Warner Bros. Television and Berlanti Productions. As for now, you can satisfy your curiosity from the images and pictures provided by the producers. You can also have a movie watching marathon of season 1 – it won’t take long to finish as there are only several episodes (not more than 15)

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