The Walking Dead Season 6: The Walkers are Back!

The Walkers are back! Good or bad that’s what we do on Zombie Apocalypse yeah!! Same goes on The Walking Dead as well. For the all the viewers out there The Walking Dead has some refreshing sound around and its trailer is already released. As the show moves ahead we notice the things are speedy and more devastating than before.

Are we looking at the re-rise of the Ricktatorship? The trailer for The Walking Dead Season 6 does seem to strongly hint that Rick is aiming to control the people of Alexandria and aid them be more prepared to face what’s out there. But a lot of that likely involves doing this his way and on his plan. From what’s disclosed in the promo below, it seems like not everybody in the group is on the same page about how things are going. At one point, we watch Rick deciding it’s time to take an action, not long after we see graves being dug as someone asks how many more people have to die?

Instead of the soapiness of state the suspense on The Walking Dead Season 6 is rising. There is much more going to happen in the all new episodes of season 6 including the rivalry between Morgan and Rick, which will be visualized thoroughly it the upcoming season. The 90 minutes premiere of The Walking Dead Season 6 episode 1 will be released on AMC on October 11, at 9 pm. The trailer of TWD S06 brings much more about Rick and Morgan than what viewers had expected. On the other side, Abraham and Shasha once again appear together on the show, heading towards the unknown place. Perhaps this duo is planning very big for the upcoming installment on The Walking Dead. In addition to this, the viewers are speculating many spicy things about the upcoming season on the show.

The Walking Dead Season 5 focused on many big things which were fearful and creepier than ever before. Even though the toughness increased but fans would still love to plunge into the conversation. The storyline of The Walking Dead Season 5 was focused on, “Too Far Gone”, “Life among Them” and “Fear the Hunters.” At the end of the season 5, the introduction of walkers was unique though. The death of the Pete and Reg Monroe and the roll-call of the zombies were the story arc for The Walking Dead Season 6. I am sure the first few installments of the Season 6 will be focused on these two major events.

The Next Round Of Action On The Walking Dead is around the corner. The instant threat from the wolves quickens as everyone else is engaged in mourning the death of the loved ones after the attack of The Scavengers. Deanna realizes the real worth of Rick for the group, apart from the diplomatic perspective which she only values before. According to Deanna, it is now must hand over power to Rick because she feels that he can control things far better than she thinks.

The Walking Dead Season 6- The Walkers are Back!

Few characters are indeed amazing and unique on the TV show. I can’t forget to mention the leader of the Wolves, Derek who is may be too creepiest character in The Walking Dead Series. The intensity of The Wolves raises an immediate threat attacking everyone in Alexandria. Additionally, Deanna feels that her decision is far better given the fact that wolves outnumber the warriors. As the series moves ahead it feels like the community of the warriors is less as compared to the Wolves. However, the wolves outnumber his pre-Alexander community and Rick, but they handle them very easily.

For now the Safe Zone is safe in the hands of Rick, as Deanna has finally pronounced to handover all kinds of amenableness to Rick. Fans consider that these events will surely happen in the early installments of The Walking Dead Season 6. When we turn the new page of story line we come to know that more zombies flood into the show, as the gunshots from the battle rises. The leader, Abraham, tries to defeat the walkers however their number raises substantially. The walker feeding everyone in their path and the resulted devastation is just like the fall of prison.

Given all this I am sure that the opening scenes of the Walking Dead Season 6 will be more focused on the attack of the Wolves. Once again the superstar of the show – Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies. What do you think of the Walking Dead Season 6? Have you watched the official promos? Mark your calendars for October 11, 2015, the devastating and creepiest moments are coming up on your television screens.

Don’t miss the full zombie adventure in the all new episodes of The Walking Dead Season 6. Catch the first episode of the season on October 11 on AMC TV at 9:00 PM ET.

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