20 Movies to Watch in January 2016

It’s already January and we are ready to start a new year ahead. 2016 promises a lot of new things, including new excitements in the movie industry. Some of you have probably waited in hope and joy, hoping that there will be worthy new movies to watch. Well, let’s not to wait any longer as there are top 20 new movies to watch (from different genres, of course) in this 2016.

It’s already January and we are ready to start a new year ahead. 2016 promises a lot of new things, including new excitements in the movie industry. Some of you have probably waited in hope and joy, hoping that there will be worthy new movies to watch. Well, let’s not to wait any longer as there are top 20 new movies to watch (from different genres, of course) in this 2016.

Fifty Shades of Black

If you have watched the original Fifty Shades of Gray, you certainly realize that this is the parody. With Marlon Wayans as the main cast, what can you expect? Jane Seymour will be on the screen as well. Well, this one is about Mr. Christian Black and his adventure with his little playroom. If you are ready to laugh, this one will be good for you.

Ride Along 2

From the choice of casts – Kevin Hart and Ice Cube – you should be ready for some hilarious moments. This one is definitely falling in the comedy genre, and it is the sequel from the one made in January 2014. The story is about James and Ben going to Miami for a special case, but it involves a mysterious character named Serge Pope.

The Lady in the Van

With Maggie Smith as the main cast, accompanied by Alex Jennings, be prepared for some drama. It is based on a true event of Miss Shepherd and her van. She parks the van in the driveway of Bennett’s London and she stays there for 15 years. A relationship develops and those two people involved grow along the way.

The Fifth Wave

This falls in a teenager, sci-fi, and drama mixture with Chloe Moretz and Nick Robinson as the main character. It is about alien invasion and how it affects a teenage girl. She then has to find her brother who is probably being abducted by the alien. Later on, she was helped by a boy – who turns to be a disguising alien.


This horror and thriller movie may look similar to Panic Room, but you are wrong if you think that they are the same. The story is about Anna, the resident of a house, suffering from agoraphobia. Her condition is so severe that she can’t even make herself escape when there are three people breaking the and entering her house. But bad luck for them, because they don’t know that agoraphobia isn’t Anna’s only psychosis.

A Perfect Day

It’s a drama with main casts like Tim Robbins, Benicio del Toro, and Melanie Thierry. Taken place in 1995 setting in Balkans, things are getting complicated as a team of humanitarians (led by Mambru – del Toro) have to deal with the crisis, topped off with the bureaucratic issue. Things are getting complicated as Mambru ex comes into the view.

The Benefactor

It is both thriller and drama, with Dakota Fanning and Richard Gere in the spot. It’s about a new couple who just getting married, having to deal with mysterious, powerful, weird, and possessive philanthropist.

The Boy

Combine supernatural, horror, and thriller, and you get this one. It is about Greta who is hired to be a nanny for a wealthy 8-year-old boy in a small England village. She had her own past and wanted to forget it. Later on, weird things start to happen. The true horror is to find out that the 8-year-old boy isn’t an actually a human boy, but a porcelain doll in the size of a human. When things are revealed, Greta just realizes that she is being chosen.

Dirty Grandpa

Who says Robert de Niro can’t play comedy? With Zac Effron in the scene, this movie is simply hilarious. It’s about Jason Kelly who is about to marry his boss’ daughter in order to get partnership at the law firm. But when they are planning a spring break and Jason ends up having to tag his foul-mouthed grandpa with him, things get complicated and chaos breaks lose. But in the end, they both learn a lot of things about life, and they value each other’s presence.

IP Man 3

If you have watched the previous IP Man 1 and 2, then you don’t need further introduction. It still comes with a lot of martial art and life philosophy. But there will be Mike Tyson, as well, playing as a crooked property developer with his own gang. As you can expect, there will be lots of fists and action.

Monster Hunt

It combines action, comedy, and fantasy, taken place in an ancient mythical world where monsters are the rulers. Things are changing as Wuba is born. He is born from a monster queen and a human father. Wuba’s adventure begins as both monsters and humans want to catch him.

Monkey Up

Monty, a capuchin monkey, is the face a for a commercial energy drink with greedy owner. Monty manages to escape and meets up with a new family. But the owner doesn’t want to lose his cash source, determined to find Monty. This movie is perfect for families, so if you want to spend some quality time with the kids, this should be on your list.


Starred by Keanu Reeves, Mira Sorvino, and Ana de Armas, this is about police corruption. A detective wants to investigate his partner’s death, but he finds more than that. Police corruption and other dangerous secrets can risk his life – and it involves a young woman.

Rabid Dogs

It is about armed robbers who take hostage of a father, young woman, and the man’s sick daughter on a road trip. It is not a fun road trip, anyway, considering that they are on a chase.

The Finest Hours

With casts like Casey Affleck and Chris Pine, this drama thriller and action combined should be making you excited. The setting in 1952, when the SS Pendleton was being ripped off in two, trapping around 30 sailors. Ray Sybert, the first assistant realizes that he needs to take control if they want to survive. Meanwhile, Captain Bernie Webber from the Coast Guard tries his best efforts to rescue the victims despite the poor lifeboat, low temperature, and high waves.

Kung Fu Panda

This adventurous comedy is about Po that finally finds his father. The two pandas then decide to go to the panda land to reunite. But there is Kai, the villain, forcing Po to take a stand. Po has to deal with the biggest and heaviest task, teaching his clumsy panda brethren to become kicking ass kung fu pandas.

Jane Got a Gun

If you are into thriller and Wild West, then this movie with Natalie Portman as the main cast should be on your list. It is about Jane Hammond and his husband Bill who has to deal with the Bishop Boys gang, with their leader, Colin. Even after the couples try to run away, they just won’t stop, forcing her to take on her own action.

Mountain Men

This adventure and drama genre is about two brothers being stranded in the Rocky Mountain during winter, after they burn the cabin and destroy the car. They have to work together and set aside any differences they have if they want to leave the place alive and they want to survive in the wrenching cold.

The Clan

The movie is about Arquimedes Puccio, a middle-class patriarch, who manipulates his family to help him with a series of murders and kidnaps. He even tricks his own eldest son, a rugby player for the national team.

A Date with Miss Fortune

This romantic comedy is about Jack and Maria. Jack was rescued by Maria, a superstitious Portuguese woman. Along the way in their relationship, they have images of what the ideal condition of themselves, but everything is humorously contradicted to the real world. Will they survive from all the chaos?

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