Top 20 Upcoming Movies to Watch in 2016

If you are into the movie so much, here are some of the anticipated movies you should have on your list. No, I won’t be talking about the most popular ones that have made a fuss since several years behind – such as the superheroes and their friends. There are some other options that you can have for your own preference – coming from different genres and all. Here is the list of top 20 upcoming movies to watch.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

You probably have been familiar with the classic Pride and Prejudice from Jane Austen’s work. The movie has a classic setting with horror, romance, and comedy into the mix. Elizabeth Bennet is somehow a master of weaponry and martial art in this flick, and Mr. Darcy is a zombie killer. When there is a zombie outbreak, they must set aside their differences and work together to conquer these undead creatures. If you want to see how action, comedy, and romance are combined together, this is a must in your list.

Hail, Caesar

With George Clooney as the main character, this comedy revolves around the life of Eddie Mannix, who is working as a fixer in Hollywood studios. The setting is in the 1950s, and the story is about Mannix and a start disappearing mysteriously during a filming process.

The Pack

If you like animals so much and you find your furry companions to be amusing, you may want to skip this horror because it is about wild dogs that are bloodthirsty and targeting a farmhouse. The family has to do whatever necessary to survive and protect their lives


This drama is about Jesus, who is a makeup artist for drag performers. He wants to try a life on the stage as well, but as he makes his dream come true, his father, Angel, who has been absent for Jesus’ life for the last 15 years, appears. As an ex-boxer, Angel can’t understand his son’s dream. But later on, they learn about one another, and understanding begins to grow.


This is one of the most talked about superhero flick, combining fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure. Wade Wilson was Special Forces that becomes a mercenary. After a rogue experiment, he has a great power, allowing him to have an alter ego, the Deadpool. The guy has developed a new ability, and with his dark sense of humor, he wants to take revenge on people destroying his life.

Zoolander 2

Being a sequel from the first comedy, you can expect more from Derek. The setting is now in Europe, and both Hansel and Derek have changed. Somehow, they don’t make any sense in the fashion world anymore, and then the problem arises when a competitor tries to take them away from the business.

Cabin Fever

Being both comedy and horror, you should be able to see the humor in this thriller. Five teens are away on a spring break and they decide to stay in a remote cabin. But a flesh eating virus turns their holiday into something gory and …well, bloody.

Nina Forever

It is another comedy and horror, about the dark love story. Rob is grieving because Nina, his girlfriend, died. Then he meets Holly, who is trying to ease off his burden and help him through his grief. Rob tries to start a new page with Holly’s help. But her effort is always obstructed by Nina’s presence every time they make love – oh, and Nina always comes back broken and bloody.

The Final Project

Another horror flicks about college students who makes a documentary as their final project. They want to visit one of the most haunted places in America, which is the Lafitte Plantation, located in Louisiana. Rumor has it that the place has its own dark secrets, haunted with restless shadows, murdered families, and mutilated soldiers. They are about to find out that some places are best left alone.

Prayer Never Fails

This drama is about a basketball coach from a high school that is being fired for praying with his students. He fights in courts and getting help from a lawyer with his own secret of gambling addiction. It just so happens that he is an atheist. Each character develops along the way, trying to help each other.


This thriller drama has Christopher Plummer as the cast, so you should have no doubt about the quality. Zev and Max are best friends, and they want to find peace before they die by tracking down the Nazi commandant being responsible for their families’ death. Zev is dealing with Alzheimer while Max is going to the nursery home. Later on, Zev finds shocking reality about their former tormentor.

Embrace of the Serpent

This adventurous drama is about Amazonian shaman, Karamakate, who is the last survivor of his people. He makes friends with two scientists. The movie is inspired from two real explorers traveling to Amazon to find Yakruna plant.

The Witch

This horror flick has the setting in 1630 in New England. Katherine and William are devout Christians with 5 children. When mysterious and unexplainable things start to happen, they start turning to one another.

Gods of Egypt

This fantasy epic has a lot of action casts and stars. You can definitely expect some good actions from this one.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

This action adventure is about Yu Shu-lien’s attempt to find the stolen ancient sword of Green Destiny. In her attempt, she has no option but working together with her ex-fiancé, the Silent Wolf.

The Forest

Another horror flick about a woman who enters the notorious Japan’s Suicide Forest in her attempt to find her twin sister. She also has to deal with serious supernatural terror.

Queen of the Desert

This flick combines drama, biography, and adventure, with the serious cast like Nicole Kidman. Gertrude Bell is an adventurous young woman exploring the world in the Middle East. She falls in love with the embassy secretary, and she meets interesting people along the way.

London has fallen

This action adventure flick is about the England’s Prime Minister who died mysteriously. As all leaders of the world get together to pay respect in his funeral, everything turns into a chaos because it turns out to be a mission to kill all world’s leaders. The fate of the world lies in three people: American president, his Secret Service man, and an MI-6 agent.


This comedic animation is perfect for family’s night out. A smooth fox con artist is being framed for a crime he didn’t commit, and then a bunny officer is assigned to chase him. But then both of them become the target of a conspiracy, forcing them to work together. Their basic differences can turn to be the best of friendship.

Knight of Cups

The musical drama is starred by Ryan Gosling and Natalie Portman. Rick is a screenwriter living in the jungle of Los Angeles. He has to battle his own emptiness while at the same time trying to conquer the Hollywood success. He has to face his own demon and find the truth about himself. It is about a man’s life, shadow of emptiness, and the hard cold truth about fame and popularity.

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