What Should You Expect from Watching Pitch Perfect 2

The chick flick ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ has been released, and seen from the title, you can guess that it is the second movie that is expected to follow the success of the first one. Some people have different opinions and feedbacks about the second movie, so it is nice to know what people think about this flick, anyhow.

The Popular Barden Bella

In the first flick, the Pitch Perfect is telling a story of a group of female singers who are trying to come up with solid and strong harmony. After going through the ups and downs, they finally make it – and become the first winner in a national singing competition. Some people say that it is quite a cliché – the good guys (in this flick, girls) finally win and make it through all the obstacles. But surprisingly, despite all the cliché generally presented in a family movie, the movie gained quite a lot of popularity. It’s a kind of combination of comedy and Glee – and there are loads of Glee fans out there – so it is only logical if the first Pitch Perfect turned out to be very successful and managed to appeal audiences’ interest.

What Should You Expect from Watching Pitch Perfect 2 (0)

Well, the second story is still about the Barden Bellas, although the movie starts at very unfortunate events. The group still has to fight and struggle with their harmony and singing, and the task isn’t something to take for granted. The story starts with them performing in front of the President – yup, the President of the United States – but they are humiliated because of their performance. The failure leads to them being out from Aca-Circuit, and they are trying their best to start a clean start, clear out their name, and get back on their status. In order to do so, they have to do the impossible: being the champion of the international singing competition, which has never been won by any American team – talking about a difficult task. You can imagine how difficult it is. After they had to deal with competitors from all over America, now they have to deal with competitors from all over the world.

They know that such task is not only impossible but extra hard, so they know how important it is to strengthen their bonds – through sisterhood and friendship. And they need to do it while perfecting their skills in singing and harmony. If you think that this is easy, you may want to reconsider it again because not only they have to deal with old rivals, they also have to deal with the new ones. But not all is about stones and rough steps as they meet with new and helpful friends. Will the Bellas be able to accomplish their dreams?

What Should You Expect from Watching Pitch Perfect 2 (1)

The Feedbacks

You don’t have to think hard when watching this movie; after all, it is not a complicated flick. The story line is basically predictable and you can guess what the result will be. But like a wise man said, it is not the end result that matters, but the journey to reach the end result. What matters is the efforts and the hard work to reach your dream – this is what the movie is all about.

And there are loads of aspects that you can get from watching this movie. If you are into musical flick – like Glee – so much, you may want to watch it. There are lots of beautiful compositions that you can see during the flick, and some of them are truly good. Not to mention that the movie is quite funny and entertaining. Some of the characters are adorable and simply not easy to forget – like the Fat Amy.

What Should You Expect from Watching Pitch Perfect 2

However, the flick has its own disappointing shares. Anna Kendrick as the main character (Beca) doesn’t seem to shine at all. Somehow, she is sulky, too serious, and a kind of being depressed – even when she’s not, she seems to be that way. Some viewers claim that the second movie isn’t too bad, although they think that the first one is way better. Some claim that the first one is the champion, while the second one is the loser. And some claim that the second one is a flat disaster – the producers shouldn’t be thinking about making the second flick at all and leave the first one having all the good memory while they can. The harsh critics even say that the movie doesn’t have anything good at all: the story is bad, the acting is terrible, the director is inexperienced, the pace is all chaotic, and even the compositions aren’t that good – phew, talking about being cruel…

Well, different people have different opinions, anyway. Those who are so in love with Glee won’t miss this opportunity. The compositions are still worth it; according to them. Although the majority has all negative point of view, some of the positive ones are quite entertaining. Don’t be discouraged, though. If you want to see how the Barden Bellas are doing, it is okay to watch it.

What Should You Expect from Watching Pitch Perfect 2 (0)

The critics say that the major cause for the failure is because the second flick tries so hard to be like the first one, causing the flick to fall hard, instead. The producers should realize that different movies have their own stories and they should follow the story line naturally – not based on the previous successful movie. It is the thought that the second flick should be similar to the first one that makes everything fails, which is such a shame.

Nevertheless, the movie is still enjoyable with the comedy and funny aspects. The compositions aren’t that bad – despite what the harsh comments say. And although you can predict how the story ends up, it is still fun to view the progress and how the story progress. However, you probably want to watch it as a home-flick instead of spending money for the cinema; at least you won’t be spending money as much as for the cinema. All in all, it is up to you to watch the Barden Bellas strike again – but don’t get your hope too high, or you will be extremely disappointed.

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