Wonder Woman Starts Filming in 2015, Justice League Follows in 2016

Just like the Marvel’s world that continues to stay connected between one movie to another – and even to movie series like Agent Carter or Agents of SHIELD, DC has the same plan in mind. These days, fans continuously being fussy about Batman vs Superman movie and Suicide Squad, another flick planned by DC and Warner Bros. And among the flying rumors about these two flicks – and actually others like Wonder Woman and Justice League, it is a sure thing that movie producers are going to make Justice League.

As we well are off, Zack Snyder will be responsible for the making of Batman vs Superman, started by Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Gal Gadot. But now we have further confirmation that Justice League and Wonder Woman will soon being made into production. Empire claims that Patty Jenkins, director of Monster, is in the preparation stage for Wonder Woman. After Batman vs Superman, Snyder will be responsible in making Justice League. Both movies should launch around 2017 in the summer time, so everyone involved has enough time to do editing. The film process for Wonder Woman should begin this fall while the process for Justice League will begin around spring 2016 as soon as Jenkins finishes filming.

Although rumor has it that Gadot may still in question for playing Princess Diana, it seems that movie producers have made a full agreement that she will be the one. Aside the fact that production is made according to the schedule, which is soon, there are a lot of plans been made for this flick. Besides the adaptations and the plot of the story from the comics to the big screen, additional costs haven been considered too. For instance, Chris Pine has been selected as Steve Trevor, Diana’s love interest. There are different reactions from fans and public about Gadot’s role and the costume, but further confirmation will be revealed after Batman vs Superman official launches next March.

Though there is no official confirmation about how all these characters are connected to one another, the launch of Batman vs Superman will provide a solid platform and clearer ideas about it. Only by then we can learn about the dynamic relationship between Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, and surely how the team Justice League is finally set up. This is certainly good news for hardcore fans, although everything is still a huge mystery – after all, it seems that Batman and Superman will have slippery beginning for their relationship. But so far, everything has gone quite well and fans are quite satisfied with it or seems like it. After all, DC universe is quite complicated and producers are trying their best to lay everything out.

Be prepared to watch Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice on March the 25th 2016. Suicide Squad will be launched around August the 5th 2016. Wonder Woman should be on June the 23rd 2017 while Justice League will follow on November the 17th 2017. Other movies like The Flash and Aquaman will be launched around 2018, Shazam and Justice League in 2019. Green Lantern Corps will follow in 2020.

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